What do you do when a live project exceeds its own ambitions? Just keep doing the wonderful concerts and eventually head to the studio. Sounds simple and conclusive. In the case of Karocel, that was exactly how they went about it and surprisingly, all six band members made it happen. Though the four Marbert Rocels, Mathias Kaden and Michael-Mitchi-Nagler have known each other from their hometown along the Gera-Jena-Erfurt corridor, and the Karocel live shows have been well received: an album is an entirely different beast. You can add to that the full schedule of events and
shows for everyone involved and the various songwriter habits of each. Yet still, the wish to work together on a deeper level stood out front for everyone. The fun they had on the stage brought Karocel the best idea since the carousel. That is, to take the live show and produce it in the studio without a concrete sound in the subconscious. In the fall of 2012 everyone got together in the studio of Marbert Rocel for three intense jam sessions. With a single click it all began –after a while everything was knotted together only to be woven through the mixer where it then lay. Post-production vocals and overdubs weren’t needed. The 10 pearls that emerged from those sessions glistened in its raw form that the direct multifaceted nature of a Karocel event is now available in album format. In various dramatic curves ‘Plaited’ prances over the dance-floor. Right smack in the middle there are tracks like ‘This One’, ‘Tease You’ and ‘Undo’ and the bar shaking ‘Vox, ‘Watts’, ‘Boys’ and ‘Don’t Play’ the kissing on the sofa ‘Without’ and the one on the way home ‘Parallels’.
How nice that all the pieces will be in fact available under the stars and in the homey confines of the club to be felt and appreciated. Just like when they were recorded Karocel took everything including mixing the tracks and the artwork in their own hands. Plaited is a complete work of art, no question.